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Take the Plate at Bay Bats

Elevate your game with professional coaching and top-tier facilities. Book your session today and step into the batter's box ready for success.

Bay Bats: Elevate Your Game at Our Elite Batting & Training Facility

Welcome to Bay Bats, where baseball and softball enthusiasts of all levels converge to sharpen their skills in a state-of-the-art, player-focused environment. Conveniently located and meticulously designed, our facility is here to elevate your game, whether you're a budding player or a seasoned pro.

Facility Features:


Dynamic Batting Cages

Unleash Your Potential with Precision Training

Dive into focused practice sessions within our three premium batting cages. Each cage is meticulously equipped with hitting tees and soft toss machines, ensuring a comprehensive batting experience. Whether you're a beginner aiming to get the basics right or a seasoned player refining your swing, our cages provide the perfect environment for consistent and effective practice.


Versatile Batting Tunnels

Experience Authentic Training in a Real-Game Setting

Our spacious batting tunnels are designed for those who crave versatility in their training. Perfect for hitting live pitches, practicing pitching techniques, or mastering catching drills, these tunnels offer a dynamic environment that simulates real-game conditions. One of our tunnels even boasts a state-of-the-art pitching machine, allowing batters to face fastballs ranging from 30 to 60 MPH.

Image by Keith Johnston

Personalized Lessons & Training

Achieve Your Baseball & Softball Aspirations with Expert Guidance

At Bay Bats, we believe in nurturing talent and fostering growth. Our team of seasoned instructors is committed to providing tailored lessons for players of all levels. Whether you're looking to sharpen specific skills or seeking holistic training, our experts are here to guide, mentor, and help you excel in the game.

Ready to Swing into Action?

Your journey to the top of your game starts in our cages. Book your reservation now and take the first step towards unleashing your full potential. Whether you're aiming to perfect your pitch, master your swing, or elevate your overall game, Bay Bats is here to make it happen. Don't wait for opportunity. Create it.

Contact Us


630 4H Park Rd
Suite D

Queenstown, Maryland 21658


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri



5a - 11p

5a - 11p

5a - 11p

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